The Benefits of Starting a
Captive Insurance Company

An Arizona-based firm, International Captive Consulting is committed to helping clients from all across the world. We understand that captive insurance can be advantageous to any parent company and its affiliates. As a business owner who opts for this alternative, you will be able to manage risks better. Additionally, you will notice a significant decrease in operating costs as well as an improvement in cash flow. By owning and controlling your own insurance company, you take long term control of your insurance and risk management program. To improve your business’s financial security, consider starting a captive insurance today!

Captive Insurance

Having a captive insurance company allows you to insure the risks of your company and affiliates. It can also allow you to fund for particular losses in your business. 

Captive Insurance Consulting

We use our expertise to help you throughout the process of structuring, implementing and running your captive insurance company. Our team will guide you every step of the way, ensuring that all of your risk management objectives are met.